Almijara Bowls Club visit 2023

18th March to 25th March 2023

11 Players from the Almijara Bowls Club travelled from Nerja to play against the PDC Bowls Club for the Trippas Davies Cup.

On Monday the team from Nerja participated in a friendly roll-up of 4 triples matches to enable them to practice more on the mats.

On Tuesday the first round of four matches commenced at 10.45 with two 242 Pairs games & two triples games. In a tense first round PDC went on to win both the triples games and one of the Pairs games giving them an early lead of 3-1 after the first round. The second round of games commenced at 13.30 with the same format as the first round. Once again, the Home team took the round 3-1, this time winning both pairs games but losing one of the two triples games. At the end of the first Day the Home team were leading 6-2.

On Wednesday, Day 2, the format was the same as the previous Day. In the first session the Home team won one Pairs game, one triples game and drew the other pairs game, leaving the team from Nerja one triples game victory, so at the half-way stage the Home team were leading 8.5-3.5 with the drawn game being split between the teams. In the afternoon session the Home team won 3-1, only losing one triples game. At the end of Day 2, with two-thirds of the fixtures played the Home team were leading 11.5-4.5 and as such went into Day 3 requiring just one win for victory.

On Thursday, Day 3, The format of play was the same as the previous two Days. After session one the Home team had won three, only losing one pairs game, and had now sealed the Match victory. In session two the Home team repeated the score from the morning’s session of 3 wins and one loss, this time losing a triples game.

With the match completed after six sessions of four games over 3 Days the final result was now in with the Home team, Puerto Del Carmen Bowls Club reclaiming the trophy with a winning score of Seventeen wins, one draw, and Six Losses.

To enable more of the PDC Bowls club members to participate in the event and play the travelling Team, the Almijara Bowls Club have agreed to play one further round of roll-ups on Friday morning prior to the Presentation & Barbeque. Approximately 50 club members will have participated across the week and the PDC Bowls Club committee are grateful to the Almijara Bowls Club for making this possible.

Although a convincing victory for the Home team, the Almijara Bowls Club have been very competitive all week and many of the games were won by small margins.

The committee would like to thank all those members who have participated, for both taking part in the Event and also for making the travelling team welcome at our club.